The Astral Advantage

Since 1995

Astral Digital Video provides quality digital video services for the entertainment industry. Whether you're an Actor, Stunt Performer, Director, Comedian, Special Effects Technician, Choreographer, or Make-up Artist, a professionally produced show reel of your best work is a calling card that leaves a permanent impression. Highly recommended by actors, stunt professionals, and talent agents, it's where Vancouver's upcoming and brightest go to get their reels edited.

Located in Vancouver Killarney / Champlain Heights, in a stress free, creative atmosphere where clients marvel at how painless putting together a professional demo reel can be. We've expanded actor services to include working relationships with acting studios to provide audition ePitches to casting directors locally, nationally, and internationally. A partnership with Iris Quinn at Impact Studio gave birth to ShopYourChops, a service that assists actors find an agent through coaching and Internet marketing.

Disc duplication and replication became a large part of the business and spurned the launch of a separate website, Full Color Duplications. High quality CD, DVD, and Blu-Ray duplications printed using color thermal technology are perfect for film festivals, weddings, school plays, and sales and marketing. When larger quantities are required, we have partnered with plants in the USA and Canada to provide replication of your project as the cost effective solution.

High Speed

Highly efficient computer systems reduce the editing time involved in creating a video. Our broadcast digital editing equipment is made for real time editing and that means it's fast and render free. Combine that with our fully equipped studio and it translates into substantial savings and superior quality overall.

Coaches Wanted

We are looking for acting coaches to partner with who require assistance with taped demo reel, or self tape auditions. Allow us to take care of the ePitch component of editing, encoding, web page design, hosting and server management. We'll take care of the technical stuff. You do what you were trained to do.



We are continually upgrading equipment and changing workflows to meet our clients' needs. HD editing, Blu-Ray duplication & authoring, and streaming video are a few of the technolgies we added to keep our clients on the right side of the curve.