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Demo Reel Package Please call
Actor Editing Rate $80/hr (min 1/2 hr)
Corporate Rate $100/hr (min 1/2 hr)
Demo Reel Hosting $24/yr
Audition Hosting ePitch $15
Project Rate As quoted
*All prices and services subject to change without notice. Taxes not included.

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High Speed

Highly efficient computer systems reduce the editing time involved in creating a video. Our broadcast digital editing equipment is made for real time editing and that means it's fast and render free. Combine that with our fully equipped studio and it translates into substantial savings and superior quality overall.



We are continually upgrading equipment and changing workflows to meet our clients' needs. HD editing, Blu-Ray duplication & authoring, and streaming video are a few of the technolgies we added to keep our clients on the right side of the curve.