Demo Reel Management

Every actor or performer needs a unique and memorable demo reel to gain an edge in today's highly competitive motion picture & television industry.

imageAstral Digital Video is the leader in demo reel management for actor, stunt performer, and director reels. We take the time to edit your clips for brevity and clarity while maintaining the arc, emotion, and flow of the scene. It's a tricky balance, capturing ones attention, maintaining it through contrasting scenes, and doing it within a time limit. That's what we do and we do it well.

Agents and actors alike have come to rely on our uncompromising quality and service to the film and television community. We offer flexibility to suit your busy schedule, long distance editing, and a range of media capability to get your reel completed quickly. Demo reel management adds the archiving of your show reel clips, airchecks of television shows to use in your reel, and clipfinder for shows you cannot locate.

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Aircheck and Clipfinder

imageLocating video clips or scenes for your demo reel can be a frustrating task. Converting them to an edit format even moreso. Astral Video realizes this and offers affordable Aircheck and Clipfinder services through its website. With a TV aircheck, you tell us when your show is airing. We'll record it for you and convert your scenes to a digital file for editing. If your show has already aired, Astral searches available video collections for the feature film, television episodic, MOW or mini-series and provides you with your scenes.

Our goal is to provide clients with High Definition video from 720p up to 1080i, not low quality file sharing video, so you can look your best.

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DVD Duplication

imageHigh quality CD, DVD, and BD Blu-Ray duplication printed in color using thermal technology - durable and UV protected. Perfect for film festivals, trade show giveaways, weddings, and marketing. Filmmakers, advertising agencies and small to large businesses come to us for their disc authoring and duplication services.

When larger quantities are required, we can quote on mass replication of your project as the cost effective solution. United States or Canada destinations, we have aligned with plants on both sides of the border to serve you better.

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Self Tape Auditions

Astral Video has partnered with acting coaches to offer professional audition taping and online hosting. Professional coaching and reading, high definition video recording, flexible hours and competitive price points make this service the best audition forum for our clients. Check out partner coaches for pricing and availablilty.

Taping options...

DIY Self Tape

COMING SOON Astral is setting up a space for actors to digitally tape their audition and have it ePitched on Astral's reel server.

  1. You bring a reader / camera operator
  2. We provide the camera, backdrop, lighting, editing and hosting

Rate proposed is $20/hr incl GST
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pixLocated in Vancouver, clients marvel at how painless putting together a professional demo reel can be. Talent agent and client recommended, we serve actors across Canada and in Los Angeles, California. Our actor services also include ePitch auditions to casting directors locally, nationally, and internationally.
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