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We take the time to edit your clips for brevity and clarity while maintaining any arc, emotion, and flow of a scene. It's a tricky balance, capturing ones attention, maintaining it through contrasting scenes, and doing it within a time limit. That's what we do and we do it well. It takes years of experience to be able to provide the highest quality and customer assurance. Whether you're an Actor, Stunt Performer, Director, Dancer or Choreographer, a professionally produced demo reel of your best work is a calling card that leaves an immediate and permanent impression. Serving clients from Vancouver to Toronto, New York to Los Angeles, it's always about you.

Our process, sample reels & package deals.

What we provide

Demo Reels

Every actor or performer needs a unique and memorable demo reel to gain an edge in today's highly competitive motion picture industry.


Sourcing High Definition video clips for your use on Actors Access or to edit your own reel. We do not download from file sharing sites.

Self Tape Edits

We edit your self tapes adding slates with project and contact information, trimming the ins & outs and adjusting color & audio levels.

Reel Hosting

Private hosting of your demo reels and clips. AstralReel is your personal pitch page with videos, headshots, IMDb and social media links.

Since 1995

Astral Video was born in the hills of Coquitlam, BC during the early years of Hollywood North and moved to Vancouver in 2002. It began editing on an Amiga PC, capturing materials from 3/4 and VHS tapes, before progressing to digital DVD and Blu-Ray sources. Finished reels would require manufacturing VHS and DVD duplicates, marketed in hard plastic cover cases with color inserts and labeling, for clients to hand out with their headshot and resume. It took a lot a plastics, ink, and paper for an actor to market themselves back then.

Today Astral Video creates High Definition reels from multiple online sources serving actors across Canada from Vancouver to Toronto and thoughout the USA from New York to Los Angeles. Client's reels are securely hosted on private servers for 24/7 access worldwide and we boast a growing library of shows consuming hundreds of terabytes of storage. We changed with technology and evolved with today's digital world to best serve our clients. Technology has changed but our focus hasn't, it's always about you.

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