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Aircheck Services

TV & Film Clips For Actors

Aircheck services provide you with video clips of a program you can edit on your own. From elusive, hard to find shows to current television and feature films, our aim is to provide affordable, High Quality, High Definition videos and not low quality shared files as commonly found on the Internet. Each clip includes suitable head and tail to accommodate editing.

Some agents and casting sites, such as Actors Access, prefer a single clip over a demo reel for specific roles so the Casting Director can see how well you might fit the casted character.

Prices start at $10 and up depending on number of clips and source. Complete the aircheck form providing details on the scene(s) and we'll get back to you with a quote on our findings.

Let Us Edit Your Clips

An edited clip should be short, tightly edited, and focused prominently on you. Ask us for a quote on edited clips.

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