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Roger Cross

I’ve been using Doug to do my demo-reels since we had to bring tapes in, 3/4 tapes even, not to date myself. He’s a pro, has a great eye, and will give you as much or as little help as you need. Plus he has excellent rates and will never gouge you. I highly recommend using Astral to get a great demo-reel!

Roger Cross
Laura Mennell

Doug Fee is a hard working, talented and reliable guy. He's been my go-to for all of my editing needs for the past 2 decades! He’s always there for his clients, working around the clock with crazy last minute film industry deadlines. I’ve always been happy to have Doug in my corner, and recommend his services to anyone who needs the perfect demo reel to show off their talents. Plus, he’s a wonderful human being and great to work with!

Laura Mennell
Cameron Bancroft

Doug has been a colleague and friend for 23 years and we have collaborated and put together many Demo reels together. He is an extremely talented editor, has a great sense of how to make your reel pop and is very honest and dependable. Whether I’m in Vancouver or Los Angeles, he can make changes or construct something specific for each demo request. I have definitely seen how he has evolved with technology ( No more VHS ) and casting industry standards and have many times been hired and complimented on the reel he has assembled for me. Many actors and agents can thank Doug and Astral Video for helping them land the offer!

Cameron Bancroft, UBCP/Actra-SAG/AFTRA
Jim Flynn

A whole bunch of my clients have reels expertly made and edited by Doug Fee at Astral Digital Video, their demos are ALL brilliant. The actor’s reel is the new picture & resume, practically required by Casting Directors and Producers. Some clients have even booked jobs -- direct offers -- based on their demo reel alone, with no audition! I highly recommend Doug. He’s a pro I’ve come to rely on.

JIM FLYNN, ESQ. | The Jim Flynn Agency, NY
Cindy Busby

Astral Digital Video has been my go to demo reel and video editor for the past 13 years. Doug Fee is a true professional, who works in a timely manor, listens carefully to your wants and needs, delivers an incredible product and for a great price too. There's no one else I'd rather work with!

Cindy Busby
Noel Johansen

I’ve worked with Doug for 6 years. He’s not only incredibly punctual in getting back to me and in terms of his turn around time, but he goes the extra creative mile to make his work excellent and the results have always continued to impress me. He cares about what he does, and in this business, that’s everything.

Noel Johansen
Jennifer Spence

Doug at Astral Video has been cutting my demo reels for over 13 years now and I will keep going to him as long as he will have me! He's the best of the best, and I know I can count on his surgeon's precision and creative ideas, not to mention his great sense of humour :) Even with somewhat difficult to edit clips, he always finds a solution and makes it work even better than I imagined. I am picky with details and not only is he patient but he consistently delivers above and beyond. I will continue to recommend him to any actor who needs a reel - you will be so glad you went to Doug!

Jennifer Spence
Murray Gibson

I recommend Doug (Astral Digital Video) for anyone needing editing services. I have dealt with him for years, he is fast, efficient, professional, he's the best in town!

Murray G. Gibson | Red Management
Christian Convery

I have been using Doug's professional services for many years now. He is highly efficient in getting the perfect demo reel for my son (Christian) and is amazing at cutting reels for yearly submissions through the awards season. Doug has a keen eye and understands what it is that managers, casting directors and agents need to see! I highly recommend Doug to anyone who is an actor and who needs assistance with the above! I can't rave enough about Doug!! Thank you for everything and for always being there!

Lisa Convery (Mom)
Dean McDermott

I’m amazed at the speed Doug at Astral Video can deliver your Demo Reel. He’s great to collaborate with as well. He understands the world of Demo Reels and what casting directors are looking for. There’s nobody better then Astral Video. Period.

Dean McDermott
Abby Ross

I have trusted Doug Fee for years to put together my demo reels, and would go to no one else for such a task. His demo reels are professional, exciting, and finished in record speeds. He takes your vision as an actor and uses his expertise on the industry to craft a demo that will showcase your abilities in the best way possible. I highly recommend Doug at Astral Video.

Abby Ross
Tyman Stewart

Doug has years of experience working with our clients. He is quick, professional and hands on. His experience shows itself in every reel; as he has creative and working knowledge of what a demo should be.

Tyman Stewart | The Characters Talent Agency
Ryan Stewart

My clients have used Astral MANY times over the past 23 years. Whether updating an existing reel or crafting one from scratch, Astral has consistently proven to be quick, reliable, and affordable. Astral can source virtually any footage, or work from your materials to edit and assemble an industry-quality reel; with you, or for you. Recommended!

Ryan Stewart | The Characters Talent Agency
Paul Christie

I have referred many clients over the years to Doug. He has consistently gone above and beyond in helping our clients with their needs. He’s a consummate professional who does excellent work. I can confidently recommend him to anyone who has a need for his services.

Paul Christie | The Characters Talent Agency
Jayson Marshall

I recommend Doug at Astral to all our clients for their demo reels as well as self-tape auditions for almost two decades. The quality of his work is first class. His rates are fair and turnaround time exceptional. He is at the top of my list when anyone asks.

Jayson Marshall | The Characters Talent Agency
Caroline Cave

I have been working with Doug Fee at Astral Video for 11 years. I’m always impressed by the lightening speed at which Doug responds and executes on requests. Doug is professional, polite and supportive of my vision. His prices are reasonable and I always feel like he cares about the quality of the footage and the image I put out there into the world. I’ll continue to work with Astral Video for all my digital footage needs, knowing I'm working with the best in our industry.

Caroline Cave
Nathan Klau

I can’t say enough about how great it was working with Doug. I gave him a general sense of what I was looking for in terms of the “arc” of my scenes and, within a week, I had a polished reel that I could proudly submit to casting directors. Doug was wonderfully responsive with any feedback/changes I requested and I still don’t know how he magically found all my clips so easily. Friendly, prompt, and professional!

Nathan Klau
Serge Houde

Doug Fee at Astral Video is as essential to my Acting Career as my Headshot & Resume! I have used his Professional Aircheck Services for years and highly recommend it. The clips have always been of high resolution and work well within the iMovie editing program. Thanks Doug. Couldn’t have done it without your help.

Serge Houde
Vickie Petronio-King

For many years, I have trusted Astral Video to make top quality demos for my clients. They have also been an excellent place for clients to tape auditions at times when they cannot tape at my office. The lighting and sound quality is superb.

Vickie Petronio-King | PLAY Management
Trina Allan-Abt

We have been working with Doug for many years. His reliability, quality control and service are unparalleled. We don't hesitate in referring our clients to him, as we know his product and customer care are efficient and consistent each and every time. Doug has lent his services to us on a last minute basis countless times, and caters to our specific needs on a regular basis. He's the best in Vancouver in his field of work.

Trina Allan-Abt | PLAY Management

I am grateful for Astral Digital Video and the amazing work Doug does for my girls (Grace & Isla Sunar). Both their demo reels and their self tapes. I am always so relieved when I’ve finished filming taped auditions because I know once he has the clips, they are in great hands. He is reliable, efficient and has such a professional quality product, I believe it adds even more credibility to their auditions. He has definitely become an integral part of their team.

Tanya (Mom)
Trudy Aronson

When you need a demo done now, done professionally, done with creativity and genuine passion and interest in the actor, Doug Fee and Astral Video are who you need! I have no hesitation in recommending his services and know that each one of my clients has walked away having had a positive experience!

Trudy Aronson | Premiere Talent Management
Melanie Hawthorne-Toogood

I have been referring my clients to Doug at Astral Video for many years and have always been really happy with the demo reels he cuts, and also the material he's able to pull very quickly via the Aircheck/ClipFinder service. Highly recommend their services!

Melanie Hawthorne-Toogood | Premiere Talent Management

Doug from Astral Video is wonderful. He’s resourceful, creative, and quick. He was able to get demos for my two boys (Chase & Dean Petriw) done promptly with great editing. Doug sourced scenes that portrayed a variety of emotion and acting talent from my two young actors and produced a fluid flowing demo for them. Our agent was ecstatic with the work of his edits. I would recommend Doug to anyone in the acting industry!

Sandra (Mom)
Lucas Talent

We have been referring our clients to Astral for over 13 years. Doug provides top-notch professional and friendly service and delivers a strong demo reel every time.

Eric Edwards | Lucas Talent
Lucas Talent

I strongly recommend Doug Fee and Astral Video to all my clients for their demo tapes and web hosting. Astral offers a professional, financially feasible, top notch product that always gives my clients the competitive edge. Doug is always friendly, prompt, and very efficient. He is an excellent editor with a very helpful and creative eye. I have even had clients from across the country have their demo’s done by Astral. Thanks Doug for all your work to help make my clients more marketable.

Kim Barsanti | Lucas Talent
Wesley Salter

Want it done right? Want it done quick? Want it done professionally? It’s a 1-stop-shop with Doug. Top shelf experience from start to finish. 10/10. Can’t recommend Astral enough. Do yourself a favour and experience ‘THE WOW!

Wesley Salter, Actor/Coach/Former Casting Fella
Morgan Myers-Cavanagh

We love working with Doug Fee and Astral Video. We use them almost exclusively for our clients demo needs. They are quick, efficient and able to track down any clips we may need. We highly recommend!

Morgan Myers-Cavanagh | Pacific Artists Mgmt..
Emma Grabinsky

I can’t say enough about how great it was working with Doug. I gave him a general sense of what I was looking for in terms of the “arc” of my scenes and, within a week, I had a polished reel that I could proudly submit to casting directors. Doug was wonderfully responsive with any feedback/changes I requested and I still don’t know how he magically found all my clips so easily. Friendly, prompt, and professional!

Blair and Caren Grabinsky (Emma Grabinsky)
Leroy Edwards III

I’ve used Doug Fee and Astral Video Services for AirChecks for over 10 years. Astral produces affordable, quality work with rapid turnaround time. Doug is dependable, professional, and skilled. I highly recommend Astral Video Services

Leroy Edwards III
Dorothy Szymanka

I have used Doug Fee and Astral Video (since 2009) not only for tapings for various film and television projects but for putting together my client's demo reels as well. The presentations of both the tapings and reels have been wonderful. I have received nothing but positive commentary from both casting directors and producers. Doug and Astral Video are my "go to" team and I cannot recommend them more highly!

Dorothy Szymanka | DSM Management
Valerie Sing Turner

You're in good hands with Doug at Astral Video. The service is 5-star at an incredibly reasonable price. Besides taking care of the grunt-work of locating clips, Doug has a keen editorial eye and the technical skill to ensure the end result showcases you in the best possible light.

Valerie Sing Turner
King Talent

Doug Fee has the ability to know how to cut a demo reel expertly and in record time. In these days of lightening speed communication this is of the utmost importance. Doug's professionalism is outstanding!

Lisa King | King Talent
Michael Brian

I’ve been using Astral Video’s service for years now, it’s the first and only place I go to obtain footage from projects I’ve worked on. I have always found Doug to be professional and easy to work with as well as very thorough in obtaining any and all the footage there is to use. Most importantly, requested footage is always delivered promptly with room to edit around and payment is easy and very affordable. I highly recommend Astral Video Service and Doug Fee as an industry professional.

Michael Brian
Lloyd Talent

Lloyd Talent has used the services of Doug Fee and Astral Video for many years. The work and his professionalism is high quality, exemplary, and deadlines are never missed. Doug is a team player and always on his game with the latest technology.

Lissa Lloyd | Lloyd Talent
Sean Kyer

Thank you Doug for all the guidance you provided us in the creation of our first Demo Reel. You easily guided us through the process and very efficiently presented us with a quality product in a very short period of time. I’m happy to say that it is a work in progress due to the new material we are accumulating from all of the work we have booked since.

Wendy Kyer (Sean Michael Kyer)

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