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Audition Editing

You shoot. We edit.

We edit your self tapes to add a text slate with project and contact information, edit the in & out points for each scene, adjust the color as required, and balance the audio to make sure reader and actor are heard. Tape yourself with your mobile device, or tablet and upload it to us. You will receive a single compressed file back for easy uploading to casting sites.

If you require an ePitch, send your head shots, resume, and agent contact information and we'll ePitch it from our private server for streaming and download. Most audition do not require an ePitch and files are uploded directly to a casting site. VIEW A SAMPLE EPITCH

Self Tape Tips

Avoid wall shadows by standing a few feet away from the background. Set the camera at eye level. If you are doing a slate either start wide with a full length shot and zoom in to a close up or vice-versa to give casting a full length view. Check casting notes on what type of shot is preferred. I.E. head and shouders, or waist up.

The reader's voice should be heard but not overpowering. It's you they are watching and listening to and you have a limited time to win their attention.

Hold a second at the end of your scene to allow for editing. If recording is stopped immediately after the last line it sometimes makes for an awkward ending. The extra second lets the editor choose to fade or cut depending on what best suits the scene.

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