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What Is A Demo Reel?

An acting demo reel is a short video compilation of your best professional work to showcase your range of acting ability. It’s used by agents to promote you to Casting Directors and Producers to demonstrate the roles you are suitable for. Also known as a show reel, it can be adapted for Commercials with TV ads, Dance with on-screen and performance clips, or Hosting with emcee and interview clips.

The scenes you choose to showcase should represent how you look today and focus on you so casting knows who to watch. Scenes shared with notable actors or from popular productions add validity and weight to your work.

Always have a current demo reel ready because casting directors periodically ask to see your reel before deciding on a Callback or Director session. Show reels can be uploaded to Actors Access, Casting Workbook, Casting Network, IMDB or numerous other casting sites where agencies seek out new talent.

Our Process

Scene List

You provide a list of your projects with scene descriptions and approximate timecodes for your best scenes. Choose a mix of genres and character roles based on your type and castability. It's a good idea to involve your agent in the selection process.

Clip Sourcing

We source your scenes in High Definition quality from available digital libraries. We do not download from file sharing sites, instead choosing to purchase shows or use our extensive library of recorded TV episodes, movies of the week (MOW), and feature films.

Reel Editing

Each clip is edited for brevity, impact and focus on you. The first preview is strategically assembled, piecing the puzzle together, leading with the strongest, mixing in character roles and genres while playing to your strengths and marketability.


The final version is the result of a collaborative effort with you and your agent. Your demo reel is ready to upload to casting sites such as Actors Access, iMDb, or Casting Workbook and promoted on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Demo Reel Package

For New Clients - A complete package that you can send out right away and build on as you get new scenes. Clips from your initial and future edit sessions are archived on our network servers so we can build custom reels for roles when a particular role arises. Your reel is privately streamed from our web server, displayed in a large viewable resolution on a simple, easy-to-navigate pitch page. It's the quickest way to get your show reel to casting.

Package Includes
  • Source up to 8 legal clips from available collections
  • 3 Hours towards source, capture and edit of your footage
  • AstralReel private web hosting for one year (renewable)
  • Project Archiving of all clips from initial and future sessions
  • Courtesy agent previews

This package allows you to build on a demo reel, have it available for viewing 24/7, and easily update the reel with new scenes as they come available. Contact us for pricing.

Reel Examples


How long does a demo reel take to edit?
On average it takes about 3 hours to source, capture and edit a reel.
What's the length of a demo reel?
Generally, reels are 2 to 3 minutes long. There are exceptions such as minute or speed reels, custom reels, and agent preference.
How can I find a TV show I was in?
Our Aircheck Service is designed to help find your video clips.
Can I use YouTube or Vimeo footage?
Yes, but quality may vary depending on the uploader's source.
Can I renew the hosting after a year?
Yes. AstralReel hosting is very affordable starting at CDN$24/yr.+tx
Can you add to an existing reel?
Yes, if you already have a reel we can add to it although it's not ideal due to generation loss and the possiblilty of rough scene transitions.
Do I have to get the package?
No. The package can be modified based on edit hours or edited on an hourly basis.
How about adding a montage?
It's not necessary. Our preference is to start right away with a strong scene although some agents like a short, fun montage to end on a high note.
What are your rates?
Contact us about your project and we'll talk about the best way to proceed.

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