Aircheck Services for Your Demo Reel

Locating Scenes For Your Demo Reel

When you are unable to locate scenes for your reel we offer services to find them and provide you with the video clips. Let us find those elusive, hard to find scenes for your reel.

  1. TV Aircheck - for programs scheduled to air
  2. Clipfinder - for programs and features already released

A television aircheck records a scheduled program and converts your scenes to digital files. For shows or feature films that have already been released, or are hard to find, there's Clipfinder. We search available collections for your clips and send you digital files. Both these services are included with the new client demo reel package.

Our aim is to provide High Quality, High Definition air check videos and not re-distribution of low quality shared files as commonly found on the Internet. Prices are $10 and up depending on total clip length and source. Files are sent electronically where feasible, or mailed on DVD.

Complete the aircheck form below and we'll get back to you with our findings.

Demo Reel Hosting

Host your reel on Astral's private hosting server. Update your reel at Astral within that year, and we'll extend hosting a year from that day. Tape an audition at Impact Studio and your reel goes with it so Casting can choose to watch your reel and your audition. Only $24/yr
AstralReel Hosting...

High Speed

Highly efficient computer systems reduce the editing time involved in creating a video. Our broadcast digital editing equipment is made for real time editing and that means it's fast and render free. Combine that with our fully equipped studio and it translates into substantial savings and superior quality overall.



We are continually upgrading equipment and changing work flows to meet our clients' needs. HD editing, Blu-Ray duplication & authoring, and streaming video are a few of the technologies we added to keep our clients on the right side of the curve.