Audition Taping Options

With self tape auditions gaining popularity among Casting Directors, we're here to help make it easier for you to get your taping to casting. Choose from

  1. Professional Taping - complete service with coaching, reading and taping
  2. Budget Solution - we provide the tape space, equipment, and pitch services
  3. Tape Yourself At Home - we provide the editing and pitch service

Professional Audition Taping

imageAstral Video has partnered with acting coaches to offer professional audition taping and online hosting. Professional coaching and reading, high definition video recording, flexible hours and competitive price points make this service the best audition forum for our clients. Your self-tape audition is recorded by your coach and uploaded directly to our server. We edit, title, tweak the color & sound, and send it to your agent with a head shot and resume for a complete audition pitch package. Check back as we add more acting coaches to our list. Contact us to be added to the Partner list.

Partner Studios (click the names for more info)

  1. Impact Studio - East Vancouver
  2. Alison Araya - Downtown Vancouver
  3. CAST Coastal Acting Studio - Victoria

Tape Yourself ePitch @ Astral

imageCOMING SOON - Astral Video is preparing a space in Vancouver for you to use as a self-tape studio. We provide the lighting, backdrop, video camera, editing, setup of your personal pitch page, and ePitch. All you have to bring is a someone to read and operate the camera.

Rate proposed is only $20/hr incl HST
If you have an AstralReel demo it will be linked from your ePitch audition, giving the viewer the immediate opportunity to view your demo reel.

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ePitch Service

imageAstral audition hosting is available from anywhere in the world. Tape yourself with your favorite mobile device, camcorder, tablet computer, iPad*, iPhone*, Android, Windows and upload it to our servers. We edit the in & out points for each scene, adjust the color as required, and balance the audio to make sure reader and actor are heard.. Send your head shots, resume, and agent contact information and we'll ePitch it from our private server for streaming or download.

You send us video files - We do the rest.

If you have an AstralReel demo it will be linked from your ePitch audition, giving the viewer the immediate opportunity to view your demo reel.

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Demo Reel Hosting

With the new client package, your demo reel is streamed and available as a download on Astral's private hosting server for a year. Update your reel at Astral within that year, and we will extend hosting a year from that day. As a bonus, your reel is sent with Astral Video ePitched auditions so Casting can choose to watch your reel supplemental to your audition.
Hosting is available as a standalone at $24/yr
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Aircheck / Clipfinder

To help you find your scenes, Astral offers affordable Aircheck and Clipfinder services through its web site. With a TV aircheck, you tell us when your show is airing and we'll convert your scenes to a digital file for editing. Even if your show has already aired, Astral searches available video collections to serve its clients with HD quality video. High definition video from 720p up to 1080i is our goal, not low quality file sharing video.
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Coaches Wanted


We are looking for acting coaches to partner with who require assistance with taped demo reel, or self tape auditions. Allow us to take care of the ePitch component of editing, encoding, web page design, hosting and server management. We'll work closely with you to streamline a process to keep you doing what you do best, and not working in front of a computer.