Demo Reel Management

Experience Matters

Since 1995, Agents and Actors alike have come to rely on our uncompromising quality and service to the film community. Technology has changed since then and attention spans have drastically shortened, so your reel has to make an immediate impact.

We take the time to edit your clips for brevity and clarity while maintaining the arc, emotion, and flow of the scene. It's a tricky balance, capturing ones attention, maintaining it through contrasting scenes, and doing it within a time limit. That's what we do and we do it well. It takes years of experience and being in the business to be able to provide the highest quality and customer assurance. From Vancouver to Toronto, New York to Los Angeles, It's always about you. Personal one-on-one service and collaboration to make sure you're pleased with the result.

We manage your reel, backing up scenes, creating reels for roles, and getting footage for reel updates. You can update from anywhere in the world with an email or phone call.

Demo Reel Package


For New Clients - A complete electronic package that you can send out right away and build on as you get new scenes. Clips from your initial and future edit sessions are archived on our network servers so we can build custom reels for roles when a particular role arises. Your reel is privately streamed from our web server, displayed in a large viewable resolution on a simple, easy- to-navigate pitch page. It's the quickest way to get your show reel to casting.

New Client Package

  • Source and legally obtain your clips from available collections (8 clips).
  • 3 Hours towards source, capture and edit of your footage.
  • AstralReel private web hosting for one year (renewable).
  • Project archiving. All clips from initial and future sessions are stored on our RAID server.
  • Courtesy agent previews

This package allows you to build on a demo reel, have it available for viewing 24/7, and easily update the reel with new scenes as they come available.

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AstralReel Video Streaming

image Hosting your reel outside of the casting web sites allows you or your agent to email your demo without viewer subscription or password access. AstralReel demo reel hosting is a private web page that allows visitors to watch your demo reel, view head shots, and read your resume online, all on a single viewing screen. AstralReel is a tool you can use to easily distribute by e-mail, or word of mouth. Think of it as your personal pitch page.

AstralReel Hosting Features
  • eMail your portfolio without a password
  • No access fees or submit costs
  • Convenient single viewing screen with your reel, head shots, resume, and agent contact information
  • Clutter free interface to maintain focus on your performance
  • Stream your demo alongside your Impact Studio or Astral ePitch self-tape auditions
  • Your page is private and cannot be found by search engines
  • Edit your reel within the subscription period and the subscription resets for a year
  • Stream multiple demo versions to suit roles
  • Stream up to 15 minutes of footage
  • Custom options also available to put all your clips online

New Clients



Located in Vancouver, clients marvel at how painless putting together a professional demo reel can be. Talent agent and client recommended, we serve actors across Canada and in Los Angeles, California. Our actor services also include ePitch auditions to casting directors locally, nationally, and internationally.
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