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  1. Demo Reel Management
  2. Self Tape Auditions
  3. Aircheck and Clipfinder
  4. Reel Hosting
  5. DVD / Blu-Ray Duplication

Astral Digital Video is recommended by talent agencies and actors as the place to go for quality work. We manage demo reels for clients, edit custom reels for roles, cut reels for 0-1 visa application, craft video for awards submissions, edit videos for fansites, and any other reason an actor or stunt professional would require a reel. The industry evolved to take advantage of Internet speed and auditioning live in front of Casting Directors became second to auditioning online for Casting Directors. This allowed the CD to peruse more talent at a faster pace. That change led to self-tape auditions, where the actor puts themselves on video and emails it to the CD. To assist in that, Astral teamed up with Impact Studio and Iris Quinn to combine professional coaching, reading, and taping with our editing and video streaming. Since them Astral has teamed up with a growing number of acting coaches to provide audition ePitch services.

Having Astral Video privately host your demo reel online is a quick and easy way to allow someone to view your demo. It's available 24/7 and can be easily emailed to Casting, Producer, Coordinator, or Director.

Building a reel requires you have the footage, which is not always an easy task. Astral Video offers aircheck and clipfinder services to help you locate those hard to find clips. As a benefit, it allows clients to be be absent from the editing process and allows Astral Video to edit your reel whether you be in Los Angeles, Toronto, New York, Europe, Australia or anywhere else in the world. We source and acquire the footage for your reel, edit and provide previews to you through the Internet.

Filmmakers come to Astral Video for quick turns of DVD and Blu-Ray duplication for film festival submission and screenings. For short run printing we use a thermal direct-on-disc printing process finished with an indelible UV coating. To assist the film maker we offer disc authoring, for your DVD-R and BD-R project, creating a simple autoplay disc or with interactive menus. Runs up to 300 are generally duplicated, with larger quanities replicated, or pressed, using a glass master. Please visit our duplication and replication website Full Color Duplications for more details on packaging options and additional services.

Demo Reel Hosting

With the new client package, your demo reel is streamed and available as a download on Astral's private hosting server for a year. Update your reel at Astral within that year, and we will extend hosting a year from that day. As a bonus, your reel is sent with Astral Video taped ePitched auditions so Casting can choose to watch your reel supplemental to your audition.
Hosting is available as a standalone at $24/yr
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Aircheck / Clipfinder

To help you find your scenes, Astral offers affordable Aircheck and Clipfinder services through its website. With a TV aircheck, you tell us when your show is airing and we'll convert your scenes to a digital file for editing. Even if your show has already aired, Astral searches available video collections to serve its clients with HD quality video. High definition video from 720p up to 1080i is our goal, not low quality file sharing video.
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Located in Vancouver, clients marvel at how painless putting together a professional demo reel can be. Talent agent and client recommended, we serve actors across Canada and in Los Angeles, California. Our actor services also include ePitch auditions to casting directors locally, nationally, and internationally.
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