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image The statements below represent a selection of our recent testimonials from agents and clients. We appreciate all of your recommendations to your roster, friends, and peers. If your voice is missing from this page Tweet us your thanks @astralvideo or send us an email.

Agent Testimonials
Client Testimonials

Agent Testimonials

I recommend Doug (Astral Digital Video) for anyone needing editing services. I have dealt with him for years, he is fast, efficient, professional, he's the best in town!
Murray Gibson | RED Management

I have used Doug Fee and  Astral Video for the last 3 years not only for tapings for various film and television projects but for putting together my client's demo reels as well. The presentations of both the tapings and reels have been wonderful. I have received nothing but positive commentary from both casting directors and producers. Doug and Astral Video are my "go to" team and I cannot recommend them more highly!
Dorothy Szymanka | DSM Management

Doug Fee has the ability to know how to cut a demo reel expertly and in record time. In these days of lightening speed communication this is of the utmost importance. Doug's professionalism is outstanding!
Lisa King | King Talent

Lloyd Talent has used the services of Doug Fee and Astral Video for many years. The work and his professionalism is high quality, exemplary, and deadlines are never missed. Doug is a team player and always on his game with the latest technology.
Lissa Lloyd | Lloyd Talent 

We have been referring our clients to Astral for over 10 years. Doug provides top-notch professional and friendly service and delivers a strong demo reel every time.
Eric Edwards | Lucas Talent

I strongly recommend Doug Fee and Astral Video to all my clients for their demo tapes and web hosting. Astral offers a professional, financially feasible, top notch product that always gives my clients the competitive edge. Doug is always friendly, prompt, and very efficient. He is an excellent editor with a very helpful and creative eye. I have even had clients from across the country have their demo’s done by Astral. Thanks Doug for all your work to help make my clients more marketable.
Kim Barsanti | Lucas Talent

For many years, I have trusted Astral Video to make top quality demos for my clients. They have also been an excellent place for clients to tape auditions at times when they cannot tape at my office. The lighting and sound quality is superb.
Vickie Petronio-King | PLAY Management

We have been working with Doug for many years. His reliability, quality control and service are unparalleled. We don't hesitate in referring our clients to him, as we know his product and customer care are efficient and consistent each and every time. Doug has lent his services to us on a last minute basis countless times, and caters to our specific needs on a regular basis. He's the best in Vancouver in his field of work.
Trina Allan Abt | PLAY Management

When you need a demo done now, done professionally, done with creativity and genuine passion and interest in the actor, Doug Fee and Astral Video are who you need! I have no hesitation in recommending his services and know that each one of my clients has walked away having had a positive experience!
Trudy Aronson | Premiere Talent Management

Client Testimonials

Doug made this crucial step in any actor's self-promotion a quick and painless one! He sourced my clips easily and offered expert advice on how best to present them. Wonderful, efficient, professional service - a perfect resource for the working actor. Thanks again for everything, Doug!
Alexis Kellum-Creer

A big thank you to Doug from Astral Video who put together my reel! He was able to accommodate me all the way from Los Angeles. It looks fantastic and it was exactly what I was looking for. He listened to exactly what my agent and I wanted. It was put together in a very fast and efficient manner. Needless to say I will be going back when it needs to be updated or if any separate reels need to be put together! Thank you Doug!
Jessica Brandes

You're in good hands with Doug at Astral Video. The service is 5-star at an incredibly reasonable price. Besides taking care of the grunt-work of locating clips, Doug has a keen editorial eye and the technical skill to ensure the end result showcases you in the best possible light."
Valerie Sing Turner

Thank you for all the work you do for us. I love how you put Peter's reel together! You are very talented! Thanks for being so accommodating as well. You are very professional, but also very personable.
Talk to you in the near future.
Toula Bundic (Peter Bundic)

We had a great time in L.A. going to studios, meeting Agents and Casting Directors. The demo reel you created for us was very well received. In one meeting our conversation was at a surface level and going nowhere, but when we asked, “ … have you watched the demo reel?” the answer back was, “No. How long is it?” After the casting director watched the demo reel, the whole meeting shifted. This was an award winning casting director and we were told that the demo showed the range, ability and scope of the actor’s ability in 2 1/2 minutes – exactly what casting wants to see. - Thank you for all the work you've done for us over the years. Your work is always so professional, polished, flowing, and creative.
Blair and Caren Grabinsky (Emma Grabinsky)

Thank you Doug for all the guidance you provided us in the creation of our first Demo Reel. You easily guided us through the process and very efficiently presented us with a quality product in a very short period of time. I’m happy to say that it is a work in progress due to the new material we are accumulating from all of the work we have booked since.
Wendy Kyer (Sean Michael Kyer)

Thank you very much for all your hard work, beautiful demo with completed pitch page. It was a wonderful experience working with you. I can't believe that you got my demo made up so quickly without me even setting a foot in your studio or even meeting me!
Carmen Casanova

I was first told about Astral Video, when I saw a fellow actor's demo reel. It was an amazing reel. It was put together in a way that captured your attention from beginning to end and used several different productions to create a showcase of multiple reactions and talents for that actor. Astral Video was affordable and very professional - not to mention prompt! I highly recommend Astral Video to any actor requiring a demo reel!
Tammy Mayberry (Ashley Mayberry)

Thank you so much for putting together Darien’s demo reel! It looks AWESOME!!!! I really love the clips you chose and all your suggestions were super-helpful!!! You made it so easy for us, even finding those older clips – I didn’t know where to start looking!!! Thanks for everything!!
Lynda & Dan Provost (Darien Provost)

ePitch Testimonials

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DIY Self Tape

COMING SOON Astral is setting up a space for actors to digitally tape their audition and have it ePitched on Astral's reel server.
  1. You bring a reader / camera operator
  2. We provide the camera, backdrop, lighting, editing and hosting
Rate proposed is $20/hr incl HST

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We are continually upgrading equipment and changing workflows to meet our clients' needs. HD editing, Blu-Ray duplication & authoring, and streaming video are a few of the technolgies we added to keep our clients on the right side of the curve.